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Beyond Pain Relief Podcast

Apr 13, 2018

Join us each week as Dr. Emil Tompkins, your Tucson Chiropractor gives tips, strategies and involved the top local area experts to help you to achieve greater health.   

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Weight loss: Ultra Flora Control is a probiotic that helps you to lose weight.  The bifidobacterium lactic B-420 helps control body fat and body weight.

Acute Bowel Distress: Ultra Flora Acute Care:  This product is a unique blend of friendly bacteria to support immune health and provide targeted relief for acute bowel distress including loose stools.

Leaky Gut Syndrome: Ultra Flora Integrity has the ability to influence the tight junctions between intestinal cells improving leaky gut symptoms.

Immune Booster: Ultra Flora Immune Booster will support healthy nasal, Sinus and respiratory function.

Great All Purpose Probiotic: Ultra Flora Spectrum,  High quality broad spectrum probiotic with GI and immune benefits.

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Natural Inflammation Fighters: Inflavonoid Intensive Care

Probiotics for Immune Function: Ultra Flora Immune


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Dr. Emil Tompkins is a chiropractor in Marana, AZ who takes care of families, children, babies, pregnant moms, kids with ADHD, seniors with neuropathy, back pain, neck pain and more.  Really, our focus is on creating wellness for our patients, our community, and our world.  Tucson Chiropractic office (Tompkins Family Chiropractic) Thank you for helping us to make a difference in the lives of people around us.  


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