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Beyond Pain Relief Podcast

Jul 28, 2017

Dr. Emil Tompkins explains the myths and facts about heart health, cholesterol. The research on what really helps and what details are just trumped up numbers. That way you can help your body improve long term Links Mentioned in the Podcast: IDEAS system for stress...

Jul 21, 2017

Dr. Emil Tompkins, Tucson Chiropractor, discusses how a red reversible ski jacket change the life and perception of a young boy forever. You can make a difference in the life of those around you. When lots of people get together and give a little, then great things happen.

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Dr. Emil Tompkins, your...

Jul 14, 2017

Dr. Emil Tompkins, Tucson Chiropractor explains simple strategies to improve your health so that you can have a life without limits. Grow stronger everyday instead of older. Dr. Emil Tompkins, your Tucson Chiropractor gives tips, strategies and involved the top local area experts to help you to achieve greater health....

Jul 7, 2017

Dr. Emil Tompkins Tucson Chiropractor explains how the Paleo Diet can help you to maintain an incredibly healthy lifestyle, improve your performance, reduce pain, and just make you feel, good. Here at the Beyond Pain Relief Podcast, we are committed to helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals.